Focus: Feature Film is a competition for full-length feature movies. This year’s theme is “transformation” understood as a transition to a new stage, the process of change. The authors of the competitive films did not forecast a pandemic, but they certainly sensed that we are on the threshold of great changes. 6 films from 5 countries will take part in this competition, 4 of which we are presenting as the first festival in Poland.
Due to the distributor’s decision, the film cannot be shown online.

Supernova, dir. Bartosz Kruhlik (Poland) 2019, 78’

A well-known politician causes a traffic accident, as a result of which a mother and two children fight for their lives. The police arriving at the scene are trying to explain the circumstances of the tragedy.

The award for the best directing debut at the PFFF Gdynia and the best film in the Polish Feature Film Competition at the Off Camera IFF in Krakow.



Nov 27 2020


19:00 - 20:20