Short films quickly react to dynamically changing reality. It didn’t take long for the first movies about COVID-19 pandemic to be made. It is difficult to thoroughly describe the situation in which we all unexpectedly found ourselves in, and which is still going on. The authors of those films rose to the occasion. Thanks to their involvement, we can learn about various attitudes towards pandemic and problems related to it. And although we’ll look into different parts of the world, what we see will often turn out to be strangely familiar.
The screening with SDH subtitles. The screening available only in Poland.
About a Father, dir. Togrul Musa (Azerbaijan) 2020, 13’, 15+

Mammad is a wedding guitar player. When the COVID-19 breaks out, he loses the ability to make money. He’s looking for a new job while locked down at the house with his family, hoping that it will all end soon. European premiere.

Titanic in the Sky, dir. Katarína Jonisová (Slovakia) 2020, 16’, 15+

Roman Radkovič formed a unique band with friends from the facility for people with special needs. In songs, he expresses his horror of the end of the world, which he expects every day. Polish premiere.


Made in China, dir. Ale Damiani (Uruguay) 2020, 7’, 18+

After matching on Tinder a young couple wakes up the morning after to find out that a strange pandemic will have them in lockdown together.


The Getaway, dir. Nikita Popkov (Russian Federation) 2020, 30’, 13+

A city boy arrives with his family in the countryside to wait out the COVID-19 pandemic. As time passes, he discovers a world he never knew before. Polish premiere.


Babil, dir. Grégory Robin (France) 2020, 4’, 12+

What if you could stop everything… Literally. Polish premiere.


Nov 19 2021


17:30 - 22:00

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