Ms VeRtigo, dir. Rona Soffer

Can you dance if you are not perfect? Rona lost her balance and her voice in a car accident, and she discovers in 360° that the tingling answer- freedom is in your head!

The language of a spherical film is fundamentally different from the “ordinary” cinema language. There are no close-ups or narrow frames, cuts are rare and the term “frame” does not apply here. Because how can we talk about the frame if the “screen” in such films is around us, above our heads and under our feet. Therefore, the authors of 360 films had to develop new film language rules to fit this medium.

The 360 films, also known as spherical films, can be watched in several ways – on the computer screen, using the Google Cardboard goggles or special headgear in which we put our smartphone (such as Samsung Gear VR). The best solution by far is to watch a movie with Oculus Go or similar goggles.

The film will be available to viewers of the Lublin Film Festival from 8am to 10pm only on Friday, November 27th.


Nov 27 2020


08:00 - 22:00