Jelgava ’94

Focus: Feature Film is a competition for full-length feature movies. This year’s theme is “transformation” understood as a transition to a new stage, the process of change. The authors of the competitive films did not forecast a pandemic, but they certainly sensed that we are on the threshold of great changes. 6 films from 5 countries will take part in this competition, 4 of which we are presenting as the first festival in Poland.
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Jelgava ’94, dir. Janis Abele (Latvia) 2019, 88’

The 90’s. 14-year-old Janis lives in Jelgava, Latvia. He grows up in a family cultivating traditional values. One day, the girl he has a crush on, turns on a Nirvana album. This changes the life of Janis, who gets to know the world of heavier sounds, which becomes a passport to a reality he has never known before.

Film awarded in four categories, including the best director, at the prestigious Latvian National Film Festival Lielais Kristaps. Polish premiere.


Nov 28 2020


18:00 - 19:30

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