Forget Me Not, dir. Flora Chilton (Hungary) 2021, 21’, 13+
One early summer afternoon, Ilona leaves home to bring flowers to her beloved husband’s grave for their forty-seventh wedding anniversary. However, due to her dementia she gets more and more lost in the bustling big city.


Space Woman, dir. Hadi Moussally (France) 2021, 19’, 15+
Maha, 64, has just retired. She doesn’t have a husband and her children emigrated abroad. The company of neighbors is unable to fill the void she feels. However, she remembers that she always dreamed of becoming an astronaut… Polish premiere.


A Short Film About Generation, dir. Kyung-ryoul Jung (Republic of Korea) 2021, 23’, 16+
Shinjae is heading somewhere with Kumyeong, an old man with dementia.The two are having conversations, revealing their stories buried deep down in the past. European premiere.


Not My Son, dir. Domingo Giménez Cámara (Spain) 2022, 14’, 15+
Gonzalo, Eva and their daughter are just a regular family that receives a request from their new neighbor to look after his father. However, it appears that the old man doesn’t know who his son is. Polish premiere.


Nov 26 2022


14:00 - 15:20




Cinema, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12