It’s worth starting Saturday with movies that can be watched with the whole family. We invite you to a set of short films that amuse, move and provoke reflection. All of them will be available with a Polish voice-over. Suitable for children over 10.
We finish issuing tickets 30 minutes before the screening or when there are no more left.



Paper kite, dir. Assia Kovanova (Bulgaria) 2019, 8’

А sheet of paper, a math problem, a kite and two children who will find the answer.

Film awarded e.g. at IAFF Golden Kuker.





An Exceptional Day, dir. Cedrick Spinassou (France) 2019, 4’

For one day, a father and a daughter swap their roles. How will this idea turn out?

Polish premiere.





Cracks in the Pavement, dir. Nicolas Conte (Argentina), 2019, 9’

A beautiful and delicate flower grows from the crack between paving stones. And nobody pays attention to it amidst the asphalt jungle. Almost nobody…

Polish premiere.





Gunpowder, dir. Romane Faure, Nathanael Perron, Léa Detrain, Benoît de Geyer d’Orth, Pei-Hsuan Lin, Anne-Lise Kubiak (France) 2019, 6’

Phileas would like to drink some tea, but all his tea boxes are empty. So he decides to go and get some…. in China!

Film awarded e.g. at Żubroffka ISFF





Nov 28 2020


10:00 - 10:30

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