4 films, 4 countries, 4 completely different female characters with completely different problems. But are we sure?
In Between, dir. Ana Pasti (Rumunia) 2020, 20’, 15+

One night in December, Amalia meets a boy selling second hand books at a drive thru restaurant’s parking lot. She decides to help him. And this is how their shared journey begins. Film awarded e.g. at Tirana IFF.


Cross Your Heart, dir. Nikolaj Storgaard Mortensen (Denmark) 2021, 15’, 12+

Hanna’s big brother, Ivan, is her best friend. But now he’s growing up and wants to move to the big city. The girl tries everything to keep him from going away. Polish premiere.


Toxic, dir. Valerii Baklanov (Russian Federation) 2020, 28’, 16+

Alina does exactly what everyone would like to do if he had a dozen extra lives. The involuntary companion of Alina’s crazy actions is the teenager Denis, whom she met in the police. Polish premiere.


Cancer, no kidding!, dir. Emilie Marsollat (France) 2020, 18’, 16+

Jeanne starts chemotherapy. Along with her nurse, Gaby, and some other patients, they are seeking ways to deal with the side effects of the disease. But they don’t mean nausea and hair loss, they mean the real side effects – the behavior of their relatives. Although there is one thing that helps… sense of humour. Polish premiere.


Nov 21 2021


19:15 - 20:40