Everything is possible in the animated world: children in space suits, big city goats, or geometric figures families can all have some extraordinary adventures. All of this so we can look at the reality around from a greater distance. The power of animation lies in a combination of an unusual form and often a surprising message.
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Helfer, dir. Szöllősi Anna (Hungary) 2020, 10’

A young woman is struggling with anxiety and recurring nightmares that she wants to end. She seeks out help but in the process she must confront her greatest fears.

Film presented at Animafest Zagreb and IAFF Animator.





Apolonia, dir. Michał Pruszkowski (Poland) 2020, 2’

Apolonia asks a neon cross a bold question: is God at home? It will become a pebble that causes an avalanche.

World premiere.





The Lonely Orbit, dir. Frederic Siegel, Ben

jamin Morard (Switzerland) 2019, 9’

A satellite technician’s inability to cope with his solitude causes a chain reaction in space and in his own mind.

Film presented e.g. at Etiuda&Anima IFF. 




Herringology or What Does a Whisperer Whisper in Your Ear?, dir. Agnieszka Waszczeniuk (Poland) 2019, 8’

Who are the Whisperers? Where do they get their power from? What do they use for treatment? What diseases do they deal with most often? Why is the wind dangerous? How can you get charming eyes? And what does the hair knot have to do with stomach ache? Babka is trying to answer all these questions quite calmly… For free!




Now Listen, dir. Kijek/Adamski (Poland) 2020, 4’

An attempt at intergender dia

logue turns into a symbolic occurrence. A woman goes into space and gets back to Earth to bond with a man on a pedestal.

Film presented at Vienna Shorts.




Postpartum, dir. Henriette Rietz (Germany) 2020, 5’

Story about the chaotic phase in life of a new mother. Honest and very personal insight into the world of an overwhelmed mother, who seriously thought that parental leave would become a sort of sabbatical.

Polish premiere.




Dry Sea, dir. Yves Bex, Bart Bossaert (Belgium) 2020, 11’

A fisherman is left alone on the shore of a dried out sea. He is stuck in the past, until a sandstorm overtakes him and redefines the meaning of his existence…

Polish premiere.





Anna, Cat-and-Mouse, dir. Varya Yakovleva (Russian Federation) 2020, 5’

Anna lives in comfortable loneliness until she becomes the object of lust of a neighbor from the window opposite. Violence breaks into her life.

Film presented at StopTrik IFF. FOR ADULT VIEWERS ONLY. Polish premiere.





Circles and Triangles, dir. Darya Trublina, Varvara Lavrova (Russian Federation) 2019, 3’

The film about the features of gender education in modern society and how generally accepted rules break the psyche of children.

Special Mention at ISFF Early Birds. Polish premiere.




Urban Goat, dir. Svetlana Razguliaeva (Russian Federation) 2020, 12’

The Goat arrives to work at the Siberian village, where there is nothing but an airport and a disco. She draws the attention of men, but the Goat herself cannot take eyes off the Wolf, the local bad boy. She imagines their idyllic life together…

Film presented e.g. at Annecy IAFF. Polish premiere.




Freeze Frame, dir. Soetkin Verstegen (Belgium) 2019, 5’ 

Identical figures perform the hopeless task of preserving blocks of ice, like archivists. The repetitive movements reanimate the animals captured inside.

Film awarded at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF.


Nov 24 2020


20:00 - 21:15

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