Animated Film Studio in Bielsko-Biała has been in existence for 75 years now! Joining the celebration of this wonderful jubilee, LFF invites you to see the screenings of selected films from the studio’s archives. AFS is not famous only for “Reksio” or “Bolek i Lolek”. In the series of screenings, we will present films from both years ago and the latest productions. Experience the wealth of AFS achievements with us!
Screening curator: Piotr Kardas
The show for audiences over 16.
Pan Rzepka i jego cień, dir. Wacław Wajser (Poland) 1957, 7’
Mr. Rzepka has problems with alcohol and his own shadow, which keeps running away from him when he’s drunk.
Za borem za lasem, dir. Władysław Nehrebecki (Poland) 1961, 10’
In a village in Łowicz, old Walentynowa chases away two roosters, which is a great reason for a quarrel with her neighbor.
Don Juan, dir. Jerzy Zitzman (Poland) 1963, 10’
Don Juan, a legendary nobleman from Seville, breaks the hearts of women, aristocrats, nuns and peasants.
Sztandar, dir. Mirosław Kijowicz (Poland) 1965, 8’
A late participant of the parade forgets about the obligatory flag.
Potem na pewno, dir. Ryszard Kuziemski (Poland) 1969, 7’
Protest against fascist genocide.
Fair play, dir. Bronisław Zeman (Poland) 1970, 6’
A funny story about two gentlemen – diplomats who want to annihilate each other in their own kind of game.
Zawiść, dir. Lechosław Marszałek (Poland) 1971, 6’
Two neighbors build houses competing in fancy decoration and height. The envious and absurd competition does not even end with the death of the two antagonists.
Szum lasu, dir. Zdzisław Kudła (Poland) 1972, 9’
A horror-filled vision of a man tormented by the monotony of work – a protest against the threat to human’s natural environment.
Strzelnica, dir. Marian Cholerek (Poland) 1975, 6’
The struggle for existence often leads astray. At the athletics stadium, barbed wire is stretched around the track, and there are shooting positions at the starting point. Sooner or later, the contestants will be shot with powerful rifle fire.
Makatki: Makatka XVI, dir. Andrzej Czeczot (Poland) 1979, 1’
There is no time to regret the roses when the forests are on fire.
Oracz, dir. Marian Cholerek, Andrzej Czeczot (Poland) 1981, 7’
A cartoon satire on Polish relations in the early 1980s.
After the screening, we invite you to join a discussion with the director of AFS Maciej Chmiel and Piotr Kardas, the curator of the screening.


Nov 24 2022


18:00 - 19:45




Cinema, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12