The choice

– These films are definitely worth watching. Both stories deal with making very complex decisions and approach it from different sides. They encourage the viewers to immerse deeply into their world to feel the problems they talk about – says our reviewer, who writes about two short films: “I Promise You Paradise” and “The Silent […]

Uncertain departure

– Participants of the discussion after the “Zoom in on migration” screenings identified issues related to Chinese society as the most distant from us, both culturally and geographically. It knocked me out of my thoughts, because it was the Chinese film directed by Yan Kunao that seemed closest to me – writes our reviewer after […]

Caring parents, adventurous children and the world

– Something dramatic about this film is that there are no guilty or wrong characters, everyone can be understood and supported. All we can do is watch and hope that this whole story will end with a happy ending – writes our reviewer after watching the film “Affricate”. It was the Polish premiere of a […]