An immature break-in – film review “ANT”, dir. Mischa Meyer

On the background of the protests and increasing police violence against black citizens, four young boys rob a comic book store. The need of rebelling and specific form of showing dissatisfaction evokes in protests and demonstrations on the Los Angeles streets. Racism and all the abuse from the police just cannot do without any reaction […]

About the desire to break free – “Anna”, dir. Dekel Berenson

Although we don’t need love to survive physically in this world, it is a feeling that we can’t mentally function without. That feeling serves to us as a “fuel” needed to reach our goals. A life without love makes all our actions, problems and everyday life seem like suffering – a sort of solitary prison. […]

A man made of glass – “Marcel”, a short film review

Imperceptibility is a great ability allowing you to achieve extraordinary things. What would you do, if you had such an incredible gift? Rob a bank? Steal top secret data that would destabilize the world order? Become a hero who fights with crime every night? Or maybe quite the opposite, you’d take up a job as […]