LFF All Year Round! – Brave New World

Lublin Film Festival All Year Round! „Brave New World”

20.01, 6 PM, admission free

Lublin Film Festival is an international celebration of cinema and an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest films of emerging stars of world cinematography. LFF All Year Round screenings are replay of festival’s hits which revolve around the same subject matter or are similar in form. In January we will show films from the 13th edition of the festival, which took place on November 22-30, 2019. The authors of the proposed films see our nearest future in not very bright colors. It is worth finding out what they want to warn us about.

Aktualizacja/The Update, reż./dir. Mor Hanay (Izrael/Israel) 2018, 24’

Adam ma idealną dziewczynę, która została dla niego stworzona na zamówienie. Gdy Alex przechodzi coroczną aktualizację, chłopak spędza czas z inną kobietą. To skłania go do zakwestionowania wszystkiego, co uważał za idealne.

Adam has the perfect girlfriend, Alex, which was custom-made for him. While Alex goes through the annual update, Adamfinds himself spending the time with Yuli, a human being like him who makes him question everything he thought was perfect.

Transfer kosmicznej energii/Cosmic Energy Transfer, reż./dir. Maciej Wiktor (Polska/Poland) 2019, 17’

Radek, an aspiring and ambitious motivational coach, pushes for a promotion. Unfortunately, when he loses his self confidence in a bar fight, he resorts

Muffin, reż./dir. Daniel Bolda (Grecja/Greece) 2019, 17’

A man stops his car in the middle of nowhere and leaves his father all alone in the woods. It’s the price he has to pay for his new life after signing an unusual agreement. Haunted by regrets, he tries to cancel the agreement, but is it still possible? Presented at Athens IFF.

Najlepsza gra/Best Game Ever, reż./dir. Kristóf Deák (Węgry/Hungary) 2018, 20’

When two CCTV technicians find out about an AI machine threatening their jobs, they must get out of their chairs to beat the system – leading them to an unexpected solution. Film by the Oscar winner Kristóf Deák.

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