Golden Anteaters all year long – screening 31.03.2016

We’re proud to announce a new series of screenings – “Golden Anteaters – all year long”. At these screenings, we will show the films which took part or were submitted to the IFF Golden Anteaters 2015, and which revolve around the same subject matter or are similar in form. The first screening of this series will be “Golden Anteaters – noir”. We will show a set of short films which are a modern reinterpretation of the noir genre. The screening will take place on 31st March 2016 in the screening room at the Centre for Culture in Lublin, admission free. All welcome!


Hiob, dir. Marco Gadge, Germany 19’50”

Shadows are all Commissioner Berger sees: the darkness he comes from is too powerful to escape, and years of delivering news of others’ deaths have made him a cynic. Now his new colleague, Martin Stern, has Berger completely at a loss; even worse, Stern’s young wife Sophie has trustingly turned to him for help. Berger feels himself drowning in all of this intimacy. JOB follows the film noir tradition, and allows audiences to look deeply into the souls of its despairing protagonists.

Exitus, dir. Eberhard Weisbarth, Germany 27’42”

Due to an extramarital affair one night a married couple is having an argument. During the quarrel the husband kills his wife with a poking stick. When he wants to drown her dead body in a lake, he is being stopped by a police patrol…

Preto e branco (Black and white), dir. Alison Zago, Brazil 16’20”

Brazil, 1970. During the brazilian dictatorship, the journalist Eduardo Pena will discover that his conscience can be the worst enemy.

Fix, dir. John W J Cho, Malaysia 9’23”

Yan is a secret agend who infiltrates local gangsters for years. He’s tired of his job and waits for someone to change him. As time passes, Yan gets more and more paranoid.

Schnee in Rio (Snow in Rio), dir Manuel Vogel, Germany 25’25”

1960. Night. A train on its way to the Iron Curtain. In it Sebastian – a guy like you and me. His actual mission was to escort an important painting to Prague. But after finding one of the guards murdered on the toilet, he is already in the middle of a bizarre 1960ies spy story.

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