Centre for Culture in Lublin, 12 Peowiakow St.:

- Main Performance Room (ground floor)

- Screening Room (first floor)

- Festival Club “The Anteater”

- Black Stage (first floor)

Academic Culture Centre “Chatka Żaka”, 16 Radziszewskiego St.

Lublin Conference Centre, 5 Grottgera St.

Ticket prices:

Short films competition screenings - 5 zł/screening

Feature films competition screenings - 10 zł/screening

All short and feature films competition screenings pass - 50 zł

Lublin Media Workshops pass (includes all workshops, the opportunity to participate in the pitching and all LFF screenings) - 120 zł

Full Lublin Media Workshop programme at:

Other screenings and events are free of charge.

Every film screening is translated both into Polish and English.

22.11.2019 (FRIDAY)



SELF-DISCOVERY - entry free

Głos żółwia/The Voice of the Turtle, reż./dir. Philipp Straetker (Niemcy/Germany) 2018, 26’

Instead of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, Oskar has nothing but his Volvo and his guitar. After another failed attempt to score his long-awaited record deal, he gets the unexpected chance to meet his idol Joe Faller. Polish premiere.

Czekam/Waiting, reż./dir. Pello Gutierrez (Hiszpania/Spain) 2018, 13’

Javier is rather mediocre vocalist of the equally mediocre band. One day an unknown woman makes an offer to perform together. But does it even make sense? International premiere.

Zwyczaje/Usage Habits, reż./dir. Abigail Ariel (Izrael/Israel) 2018, 25’

A 45-year-old business women is preparing for a crucial dinner. A young female marketing pollster knocks on her door and then refuses to leave. Invited guests start arriving… International premiere.

Sylwester/New Year's Eve, reż./dir. Hao Zheng (USA) 2018, 22’

19-year- old Xiaoyu returns to his childhood home on New Year’s Eve. He won a medal at his kung-fu school and has mixed feelings about whether to show it to his mother, who has always wanted him to go to a “real” college instead. Polish premiere.


MASTERS OF THEME PT. 1 - ticket - 5 zł

Koniec wojny/The End of War, reż./dir. Sergey Ramz (Rosja/Russian Federation) 2019, 25’

While returning from war, the captain of the Soviet army falls into an abandoned well. He’s found by a former prisoner suffering from tuberculosis, who instead of helping, tries to murder him. Will anyone get out of this conflict alive? Polish premiere.

Fake News, reż./dir. Dimitris Katsimiris (Grecja/Greece) 2018, 15’

A YouTuber is planning to direct the raping of a girl by two black guys. Their goal is to get more subscribers on their YouTube channel. On the day of the shooting things don’t go as planned. Film presented at Athens IFF. Polish premiere.

Między wierszami/Between the Lines, reż./dir. Frédéric Farrucci (Francja/France) 2018, 19’

France, the end of the summer. Five young pick-pockets roam the city. One of them, Stefan, is trying to learn to read french. Polish premiere.

Fałszywa żona/Counterfeit Kunkoo, reż./dir. Reema Sengupta (Indie/India) 2017, 15’

Smita has just divorced and wants to start a new life. However, no one wants to rent a flat to a single woman in Mumbai. Film presented at Sundance FF and Clermont-Ferrand ISFF.

Ashmina, reż./dir. Dekel Berenson (Nepal) 2018, 16’

A young girl helps foreign tourists with folding paragliders. With earned money, she supports her whole family. Unfortunately, no one appreciates it. The film was awarded the Silver Dragon at Krakow Film Festival.

Skin, reż./dir. Guy Nattiv (USA) 2018, 21’

A small supermarket in a blue collar town, a black man smiles at a 10 year old white boy across the checkout aisle. This innocuous moment sends two gangs into a ruthless war that ends with a shocking backlash. Oscar winner for the Best Live Action Short Film.


ANIMATED WORLD PT. 1 - entry free

Na zdrowie!/Bless You!, reż./dir. Paulina Ziółkowska (Polska/Poland) 2018, 5’

It is a sunny day, people are waiting at the bus stop. Suddenly someone sneezes. Than someone else. And another one. An epidemic breaks out. In the chaos of sneezing, however, it turns out that the worst thing is to get sick of yourself. Awarded at Berlinale IFF.

Melissa Laveaux – Angeliko, reż./dir. Marion Castera, Kelzang Ravach (Francja/France) 2018, 3’

The video clip tells the story of the Haitians whose colorful culture clashed with the American occupation. Polish premiere.

Kolce/Spines, reż./dir. Elisa Morais, María Álvarez (Sois de Traca) (Wielka Brytania/United Kingdom) 2019, 15’

The hedgehog tries to understand his dreams. The film, made of fragments of real dreams, is an attempt to answer the question whether explaining a mystery makes sense. Film presented at Fest Anča IAF. Polish premiere.

Obieg/Circuit, reż./dir. Delia Hess (Szwajcaria/Switzerland) 2018, 9’

Inhabitants of a very small planet cannot see, that thanks to their activities, the circuit in their world can remain closed. Film presented at Locarno FF.

Madryt Atocha/Madrid-Atocha, reż./dir. Jorge Dayas (Hiszpania/Spain) 2019, 7’

Animated urban rail journey on the Madrid-Atocha route. Through the window we observe the scenes of the night life of the Spanish outskirts. Polish premiere.

Ptak bez nóg/A Bird With No Legs, reż./dir. Nick Cinelli (Wielka Brytania/United Kingdom) 2019, 9’

Theo plays his saxophone to help his father overcome his immense grief with a magical song. Film presented at Tirana IFF. Polish premiere.

Przejście/Passage, reż./dir. Igor Coric (Serbia) 2019, 7’

There is a war. The boy is left alone after his relatives die - dismantled to the simplest geometric figures. His stubbornness and desperation leads to an unexpected ending. EAFF Balkanima.

Poetika Anima, reż./dir. Kriss Sagan (Słowacja/Slovakia) 2018, 5’

The author wrote a poem based on her diary and formed it as an animation. It is a plotless form that uses symbols and metaphors, which mood is created by pictures and subtle music. Film presented at Annecy IAF.

Colaholic, reż./dir. Marcin Podolec (Polska/Poland) 2018, 11’

Colaholic is a documentary and a romantic comedy at the same time. It is a memoir of a person who drinks way too much soda. Audience Award at Etiuda & Anima IFF.




We invite you to a special screening of the Veronica Andersson’s documentary about Mariusz Tarkawian. Meeting with the director and the main character after the screening.

Fuck, it's Biology, reż./dir. Veronica Andersson (Polska/Poland) 2019, 30’

Mariusz Tarkawian has had 120 art exhibitions all over the world and yet his parents have not been to any. His girlfriend tries to make her first documentary and hopefully bring the family closer together. Film presented at Krakow Film Festival.



Nie zabijaj/Thou Shalt Not Kill, reż./dir. Gabi Virginia Şarga, Cătălin Rotaru (Rumunia/Romania) 2019, 120’

Inspired by a media scandal that has shocked the Romanian health service. Cristian risks his career and close relationships for the investigation of the sudden and suspicious death of one of his patients. Film presented at Warsaw Film Festival and FF in Göteborg FF.


LUBLIN MEDIA 2019 - entry free


Short productions screening by the participants of the international Lublin Media Workshops.




Lately, the brewing market has been developing very strongly and coming up with the newest and the craziest types of the golden brew. In order not to get lost in those beer possibilities, it’s important to learn about it from the source. It will be possible at the meeting on brewing methods and types of beer. The romance between hops, malts and all kids of additions will be brought to us closely with the help from the Kazimierz brewery from Zakrzów.

Event in Polish. Free entry.

23.11.2019 (SATURDAY)



MASTERS OF EMOTIONS PT. 1 - ticket - 5 zł

Dante vs. Mohammed Ali, reż./dir. Marc Wagenaar (Holandia/Netherlands) 2018, 28’

Wolf gives up during a boxing match with his best friend Alex. The local community forces him to rematch, so Wolf tries to convince Alex to run away. Awarded at the Nederlands Film Festival. Polish premiere.

Na imię miała/Her name was, reż./dir. Helena Dalemans (Belgia/Belgium) 2018, 18’

Ida lives in a retirement home. She uses a wheelchair to move and is not able to do the simplest things. One day, she meets Jef, who convinces her to rebel against the rules. Polish premiere.

The Animal, reż./dir. Sebastian Kass (Francja/France) 2018, 25’

15-year-old Siri is going to be visited by child protection services. She has two days to regain control over her life and give the illusion of a healthy and happy family environment. She receives help from her friend Arne whom she is in love with. Presented at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF.

Lauretta, reż./dir. Máté Brauner (Węgry/Hungary) 2018, 19’

Lauretta's mother faints and gets hospitalized. Among her mother’s belonging, the 30-year-old cashier finds an old letter that could have changed her life. Polish premiere.


MASTERS OF ANIMATION - ticket - 5 zł

Acid Rain, reż./dir. Tomek Popakul (Polska/Poland) 2018, 26’

A young girl runs away from her depressing hometown. Her early enthusiasm about the hitch-hike falls when she finds herself in the city outskirts in the middle of the night. At the bridge she meets a figure balancing unsafely on the guardrail. That’s how she meets Skinny, an unstable weirdo, with whom she continues her journey. Film awarded at Sundance FF and Krakow Film Festival.

Kwadratura koła/Squaring the Circle, reż./dir. Karolina Specht (Polska/Poland) 2018, 5’

At first glance, it seems that Square lives among chaos and endless changes. But then we notice that the systems which he functions in are constantly repeated, introducing a routine. Once, a new element sneaks into the pattern which, for a moment, will allow Square to look at reality a little differently. Film awarded at IAFF Animator.

Miłość Mitii/Mitya’s Love, reż./dir. Svetlana Filippova (Rosja/Russian Federation) 2018, 14’

Based on a story by Boris Shergin about Mitia’s search for love. The movie uses images by the masters of Russian avant-garde, such as Mikhail Larinov and Natalia Goncharova, and the masters of naive art such as Pawel Leonov and Lubov Majkova. Special Mention at Etiuda & Anima IFF.

Bear With Me, reż./dir. Daphna Awadish (Holandia/Netherlands) 2019, 5’

A short animated documentary about immigrants who left their homes and crossed borders for love. Film awarded at Jerusalem FF.

Selfies, reż./dir. Claudius Gentinetta (Szwajcaria/Switzerland) 2018, 4’

The selfie phenomenon becomes an excuse for telling a story about modern people. The images combine to create a ghastly smile that overshadows the abyss of human existence. Film presented at Annecy IAFF and Locarno IFF.

III, reż./dir. Marta Pajek (Polska/Poland) 2018, 12’

The Man and the Woman meet in a waiting room and immediately get closer to each other. He helps her take off her heavy black fur and reveals that she is naked underneath. That’s how the game begins. Silver Hobby Horse at Krakow Film Festival. Film presented at the Cannes Film Festival and Annecy IAFF.

Iktamuli, reż./dir. Anne-Christine Plate (Niemcy/Germany) 2019, 5’

The everyday life of the mother and her mentally disabled son is complicated.. Mother’s monologue makes us aware of the problems we are facing while trying to accept our own child. Film awarded at Dresden ISFF.

Synchronia/Synchronicity, reż./dir. Michelle Brand (Wielka Brytania/United Kingdom) 2018, 4’

People come, people go - yet everyone is moving in the same direction. We all share something that we are unaware of, creating one big picture we are unable to see. Polish premiere.

Brzemię/The Burden, reż./dir. Niki Lindroth von Bahr (Szwecja/Sweden) 2017, 14’

The plot of this musical takes place at night on the outskirts of the city. The Animal characters sing and dance while their world slowly reveals what’s hiding under the surface. Film awarded at Annecy IAFF and TIFF.



Heimlich, reż./dir. Kostas Bakouris (Grecja/Greece) 2017, 19’

Paris lives a boring life in his unkempt home. But everything changes when a beautiful German girl arrives at his door. Film presented at Athens IFF.

Relax, reż./dir. Agnieszka Elbanowska (Polska/Poland) 2018, 26’

The owner of a provincial inn tries to save it from bankruptcy. He decides to accept the offer made by Department of Foreigners and opens a refugee shelter. The events take an unexpected turn. Presented at Warsaw Film Festival.

Głód kokainowy/The Cocaine Famine, reż./dir. Sam McMullen (Irlandia/Ireland) 2018, 13’

One isolated shed in the village, one English gangster, two Irish bandits torturing him and plenty of hard-hitting historical facts. It’s a black comedy about cocaine and the futility of nationalism. Presented at Cork FF. Polish premiere.

Kapitan Francja/Captain France, reż./dir. Thomas Robineau, Julien Paillet (Francja/France) 2019, 22’

The history of adventures, achievements and mysterious disappearance of the most famous French superhero.

Przebosko/Relicious, reż./dir. Eugenio Villani, Raffaele Palazzo (Włochy/Italy) 2018, 8’

A man is shopping at the supermarket. He wants to buy the yogurt, but he realizes with amazement that each one of the yogurt cups, instead of the brand, has the name of a religion stamped on it… Polish premiere.

Zbuntowani dziadkowie/Insurgent grandpas, reż./dir. Jesús Martínez "Nota" (Hiszpania/Spain) 2018, 13’

Treasury officials enter the bingo hall, but the grandpas do not intend to give up without a fight. Polish premiere.



LITTLE ANTEATERS 6+ - entry free

Gelato – Seven Summers of Ice Cream Love, reż./dir. Daniela Opp (Niemcy/Germany) 2017, 12’

Molly walks Mrs. Rosa's dog. Everyday, the old lady talks about her young love. Will Molly be able to bring Rosa her lost joy? Film presented at Animocje IAFF and Animateka IAFF.

Swój do swego/Birds of a Feather, reż./dir. Bianca Nall (Australia) 2018, 8’

A little bird wants to befriend two pelicans and share in the plump fish they flaunt. When one of the pelicans needs help he feels powerless until an opportunity arises and a decision must be made. Film awarded at Mexico IFF. Polish premiere.

Cat Lake City, reż./dir. Antje Heyn (Niemcy/Germany) 2019, 7’

Percy the Cat is looking forward to a relaxing day at the lake. But quickly it turns out that the place is not as expected. Film by the double winner of the Golden Anteater.

Gniazdo/Nest, reż./dir. Sonja Rohleder (Niemcy/Germany) 2019, 4’

A slightly naive paradise bird is going out of his way to attract a potential partner. Film presented at Berlinale and Annecy IAFF.

Perfectly Naughty Kids/Idealnie niegrzeczne dzieci, dir./reż. Tatiana Kiseleva (Russian Federation/Rosja) 2018, 14’

Dr. Pyatkin runs a sanatorium for horribly obedient children. When his methods of treatment fail, a mischievous gnome comes to the rescue. Polish premiere.



FAMILY FILM QUIZ - Event in Polish



One of the greatest musicians of the 20th century - Krzysztof Komeda - died tragically 50 years ago. He will always be remembered by the film fans as the author of the music for “Rosemary’s Baby”, directed by Roman Polański. But among all of his work, there are a lot of forgotten gems, which will be reminded in this year’s Polish Legends series. The year 2019 has been announced by UNESCO as the Year of Komeda.


One of the basic characteristics of a good animation creator is a sense of rhythm. Or more generally: a sensitivity to music and sound. This applies not only to animators, but also to directors. Two outstanding artists: Mirosław Kijowicz (1929-1999) and Krzysztof Komeda (1931-1969), in the years 1965-1967 made 6 animated films, which permanently changed the history of Polish animation.

The programme will feature 4 films from the Animated Film Studio in Bielsko-Biała and 2 films from Studio Miniatur Filmowych in Warsaw: Smile (1965), The Banner (1965), Roundabout (1966), Cages (1966), Wicker Basket (1967), Laterna Magica (1967).

Additionally, the LFF viewers will be able to see Andrzej Kondratiuk’s animation Colorful Lies, produced in Small Film Form Studio Se-Ma-For, and inspired by the legendary Lullaby by Piotr Dumała from 2012.

The lecture by screening curator Piotr Kardas.



Ambiwalencja/Ambivalence, reż./dir. Anton Bilzho (Rosja/Russian Federation) 2018, 117’

Two young psychiatrists and friends perceive life in two different ways. One wants to do what is right, the other wants to experiment. One is a diligent student, the other is a troublemaker. Unfortunately, both of them love the same woman. She is a mother for the first one, and a lover for the second one. Presented at the Russian Film Festiwal "Sputnik Over Poland”. FOR ADULT VIEWERS ONLY.



The independent creators of short films often take on socially important problems, such as: ecological crisis, human rights, LGBT+ rights or addictions. As a part of the Independent, engaged screenings, we will present examples of socially engaged productions, including those by artists from Lublin.



A unique event combining the screening of the 360° film experience on a special VR goggles, a live performance that refers to it, and a discussion between authors and viewers.

The 360° film “Sector” (15 min) was shot in September 2019th on the Vistula Spit’s area that controversially is being used to create a waterway. The experience uses the language of butoh dance performed on spectacularly ruined landscape, and also music and special effects that show author’s moods while being there.

After the goggle screening, the viewers awaiting the performance are optionally invited to the independent, engaged socially short films screenings at the Screening Room.


24.11.2019 (SUNDAY)



STRANGE WORLD - entry free

The Wind Phone, reż./dir. Kristen Gerweck (USA) 2019, 16’

Seven strangers use the phone booth on a Japanese cliffside. Each of them has slightly different conversation, though all are connected by the same eerie reality. Based on true events. Polish premiere.

Born in Gambia, reż./dir. Natxo Leuza Fernandez (Hiszpania/Spain) 2018, 27’

Hassan is a child who lives on the street. His brother was accused of witchcraft and burned alive in front of him. With his tape recorder, Hassan describes his and his friends' life. Film presented at Camerimage IFF.

Shooting Stars, reż./dir. Magda Jaroszewicz (Niemcy, Polska/Germany, Poland) 2019, 17’

A documentary record of New Year’s Eve celebrated at the Berlin housing estate. Presented at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF. Polish premiere.

Pier Las Vegas, reż./dir. Yun Xie (USA) 2019, 17’

A deaf man is looking for his sister, while working as a hotel housekeeper at the city of Las Vegas. One day he meets a girl… European premiere.


MASTERS OF IDEAS - ticket - 5 zł

Wciąż tu jesteśmy/We're Still Here, reż./dir. Alexander Rönnberg (Szwecja/Sweden) 2019, 13’

The old Norse Folklore is on the verge of being forgotten. Luckily the manager Florian is there to rebrand and coach the main characters. But it’s not easy to get back in the ring when you’re not up to date with everything. Or actually nothing.

Przepraszam, szukam sali do ping-ponga i mojej dziewczyny/Excuse Me, I'm Looking for the Ping-Pong Room and My Girlfriend, reż./dir. Bernhard Wenger (Austria, Niemcy/Austria, Germany) 2018, 23’

A Swedish couple is on a wellness trip in the Austrian mountains. After an argument, Aron's girlfriend leaves. Now, Aron is looking for his girlfriend. Film awarded at Max-Ophüls-Preis FF and Diagonale FAF.

Film niskobudżetowy/A Low-Budget Film, reż./dir. Paulo Leierer (Brazylia/Brazil) 2018, 13’

The employees of an unusual science institute take part in the corporate film recording. When they find out that their institute is closing, they take matters into their own hands. Film presented at Bogota SFF.

Najlepsza gra/Best Game Ever, reż./dir. Kristóf Deák (Węgry/Hungary) 2018, 20’

When two CCTV technicians find out about an AI machine threatening their jobs, they must get out of their chairs to beat the system - leading them to an unexpected solution. Film by the Oscar winner Kristóf Deák.

Narrator/The Narrator, reż./dir. Julia Trofimova (USA) 2018, 11’

As part of an experimental therapy, a depressed employee must navigate his office job with a personal narrator who speaks aloud his every thought. Polish premiere.


LIFE AFTER - entry free

Nasza śmierć/Our Death, reż./dir. Aspen Michael Taylor (Francja/France) 2018, 14’

Two brothers find their own dead bodies in the mountains and embark on a series of tests to see whether they are alive or dead. Polish premiere.

Astres, reż./dir. Andrée-Anne Roussel (Kanada/Canada/) 2019, 19’

Hyo-Jin attends the funeral of her younger sister in her homeland, South Korea. Although, she decides to shorten her visit and return to Montreal, where she joins a group of astrophysicists to await the explosion of the supernova. European premiere.

Play, reż./dir. Piotr Sułkowski (Polska/Poland) 2018, 12’

A man consumed by guilt, because he did not dare to defend his mother, plays the role of a murderer and forces his ten-year-old self to face his original trauma. Film presented at Krakow Film Festival.

Sztangista/Weightlifter, reż./dir. Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk (Polska, Ukraina/Poland, Ukraine) 2018, 30’

Petro is a professional weightlifter, who is preparing for the important competition. Unexpectedly, he receives the tragic news. Petro has to make a tough decision. Awarded at Warsaw Film Festival and ISFF Żubroffka.



CINEMA FOR THE YOUNGEST (6+) - entry free

Leśne opowiastki/Small forest stories, reż./dir. Veronika Fedorova (Rosja/Russian Federation) 2017, 3’

A day in the life of little fox, who is constantly amazed by the magnificence of the forest. Presented at Animateka IAFF.

Ian. Poruszająca opowieść/Ian, A Moving Story, reż./dir. Abel Goldfarb (Argentyna/Argentina) 2019, 10’

Ian was born with cerebral palsy. He would like to befriend the kids at the playground. Will he be able to do it? Film presented at Warsaw Film Festival.

Balans/Balance, reż./dir. Raymond Limantara Sutisna (Singapur/Singapore) 2018, 4’

A boy and a girl fight for painting space, both refusing to give in until the mess they create goes out of control. Film presented at Animocje IAFF.

Na tropie światła/Light Trail, reż./dir. Melissa Pinto (Wielka Brytania/United Kingdom) 2018, 5’

Light trail is the story of a girl that finds a star while she is wandering in the forest. After they meet we see their journey to find their home.

Kontra Święty Mikołaj/Vs. Santa, reż./dir. Raul Colomer, Aitor Herrero (Hiszpania/Spain) 2017, 4’

On Christmas Eve, a girl is all alone in an immense apartment. Suddenly Santa Claus brings her a gift, but it’s not exactly the gift that she wanted. Presented at ISFF Żubroffka.

Wielki karaluch/The Big Cockroach, reż./dir. Sonia Melamud (Rosja/Russian Federation) 2018, 9’

The animals gather to play in the big cockroach orchestra. Each one of them has to take its place and play music according to the conductors plan. Polish premiere.




Fuga/Fugue, reż./dir. Agnieszka Smoczyńska (Polska/Poland) 2018, 117’

Alicja suffers from memory loss and has rebuilt her own free spirited way of life. Two years later, she returns to her former family to assume against her will her role as wife, mother and daughter. Her estranged husband and son do not recognize this woman who look familiar and yet behaves like a stranger. Feelings of alienation, love and revelations rekindle her interior flame. Awarded at PFF Gdynia and IFIC OFF Camera.

25.11.2019 (MONDAY)



FAMILY MATTERS - entry free

Dogmat/Dogma, reż./dir. Dennys Rodríguez (Wenezuela/Venezuela/) 2018, 5’

In a humble home someone has broken a very valuable object. The father implements all the methods of punishments necessary to find the culprit. Polish premiere.

Jak w domu/Home Made, reż./dir. Shira Meishar (Izrael/Israel) 2017, 13’

It is an evening and it is Helena's birthday. When she's about to leave her restaurant, an unknown man arrives and asks for a meal. The semi-finalist of the Student Academy Awards. Polish premiere.

Obłęd/Madness, reż./dir. Jakub Drobczyński (Polska/Poland) 2019, 23’

Kuba is coming home for Christmas. On the way, something strange begins to happen to him. But is it really his family home?

Kukułka/Cuckoo, reż./dir. Ruy Okamura (Czechy/Czech Republic) 2019, 29’

17 year old Oliver is not only forced to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, but he has to deal with his own crisis of identity, where he faces the truth of his origin. Polish premiere.

Muffin, reż./dir. Daniel Bolda (Grecja/Greece) 2019, 17’

A man stops his car in the middle of nowhere and leaves his father all alone in the woods. It’s the price he has to pay for his new life after signing an unusual agreement. Haunted by regrets, he tries to cancel the agreement, but is it still possible? Presented at Athens IFF. Polish premiere.



Lato z dziadkiem i bez niego/Summer with Grandpa and without Him, reż./dir. Katya Zayaz (Rosja/Russian Federation) 2018, 27’

A 7-year-old girl doesn’t want to know what death is; she learns what kissing is instead. International premiere.

Klub splamionych/The Stained Club, reż./dir. Mélanie Lopez, Simon Boucly, Marie Ciesielski, Alice Jaunet, Chan Stéphie Peang, Béatrice Viguier (Francja/France) 2018, 7’

Finn has stains on his skin. One day, he meets a group of cool kids that look similar to him. It turns out that they have much more in common. Awarded at Warsaw Animation Film Festival.

Czerwone dłonie/Red Hands, reż./dir. Francesco Filippi (Włochy/Italy) 2018, 30’

Ernest is an introverted and lonely boy. One day he discovers some wonderful red wall drawings. Amazed by them, he follows a mysterious girl who paints with her hands. But behind her gift there is a painful and dangerous secret. Polish premiere.

Lola – Żywy ziemniak/Lola the Living Potato, reż./dir. Leonid Shmelkov (Rosja/Russian Federation) 2018, 17’

The little Lola’s family is forced to leave for good from their old house, with which is connected with many memories. Film presented at Annecy IAFF.


TWISTED TALES - entry free

Świnka/Piggy, reż./dir. Carlota Martínez Pereda (Hiszpania/Spain) 2018, 15’

Sara is an overweight teen bullied by a clique of cool girls holidaying in her village. Not even her childhood friend, Claudia, defends her. Is anybody out there to help? Goya Award for the Best Short Fiction Film.

Wypad/The Trip, reż./dir. Daniel Rihák (Słowacja/Slovakia) 2018, 18’

Veronica, a young student of medicine, is taken on a spontaneous trip to the mountains by her lover Roman, a professor from the school. Their romantic game quickly turns dramatic when Veronica finds out Roman knows about her secret.

Bajka o skorpionie/The Scorpion’s Tale, reż./dir. Jhosimar Vasquez (USA) 2018, 22’

The contract killer sits on a death row awaiting his fate. But then someone from his past pays him a visit. Polish premiere.

Wystawa Turnera/The Turner Exhibit, reż./dir. Matthew Gregory Bainbridge (USA) 2018, 25’

Anthony and Alex are brothers. Anthony has a happy family and a successful job. Alex and his wife put all their effort into raising a disabled daughter. One day, Anthony’s wife picks up the phone, which causes an inevitable friction. European premiere.

100% wieprzowiny/100% Pure pork, reż./dir. Emilie Janin (Francja/France) 2018, 17’

Blandine works in a meat and sausages factory. To avoid monotony, she escapes to the world of fantasy. One day, she faces the situation she cannot escape. Polish premiere.




Złam mi serce/Crush My Heart, reż./dir. Alexandra Makarová (Austria, Słowacja/Austria, Slovakia) 2018, 99’

A teenage girl joins a group of gypsy beggars that live on the outskirts of Vienna. Her appearance is not taken pleasantly, especially by their leader who rules his family with an iron hand. The girl also gets close to the young nephew of her master. Film presented at the Diagonale FAF in Graz. Polish premiere.




Via Carpatia, reż./dir. Klara Kochańska, Kasper Bajon (Polska, Macedonia, Czechy/Poland, Macedonia, Czech Republic) 2018, 75’

Julia and Piotr are a well-off couple from a big city. After a hardworking year, they dream of vacation. Their plans change due to Piotr’s mother, who asks him to bring his father back to Poland. He is a refugee stuck between Greek and Macedonian border, and Piotr has not had any contact with his father for the last 30 years. However, despite Julia’s doubts and resistance, he decides to fulfill his mother’s request. Awarded at “Youth and Film” FDF in Koszalin.

26.11.2019 (TUESDAY)



OFF WORLD - entry free

Off World is a screening supposed to paint a picture of certain cultural climates and social phenomenons, that we can only come across in a particular place in a particular part of the world. And it doesn’t matter, if the director used the formula of a documentary, a feature or an animation. The films of Off World are also their authors reaction to a given phenomenon that is intrinsic to the cinematography of a given region. That’s why we can experience the themes from different cultural backgrounds through their eyes rather than filtered by the western culture.

Screening curator: Andrzej Rusin

Dimo's forest/Las Dimy, dir./reż. Hristo Simeonov (Bulgaria/Bułgaria) 2018, 24’

A forest officer is, in his judgement, a powerful person. His will in the forest is not to be disputed and woe to those who do not obey his rules. However, he will also be faced with the choice of whether to comply with the rules of the other, even more powerful people. Film presented at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF. Polish premiere.

Takleef - The Day of Duty/Jashn-e Taklif, dir./reż. Ali Farahani (Iran) 2018, 20’

At the Iranian school there is a celebration of transition to the world of adults - Jashn-e Takleef, after which nine-year-old girls are to wear a hijab. Parents of one of them cannot participate in the event, therefore the principal entrusts a naughty schoolgirl with the care of this girl, as a form of rehabilitation. How will the accidental babysitter fulfill this task, bearing in mind that she has her own plans for that day? Polish premiere.

Terror, dir./reż. Yonatan Shehoah (Israel/Izrael) 2018, 16’

A man, who experienced trauma, tries to re-shape his world. Will he manage to do that in reality, where Israel is tormented by terror? Film presented at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF. Polish premiere.

Rejected/Odrzucony, dir./reż. Amir Mohandesian, Hamid Shahmohammadi (Iran) 2018, 21’

Wife of an undertaker tries to persuade the local community, that her spouse is still able to do his job sufficiently. The desperate undertaker knows, that the welfare of his family depends on returning to his profession. World premiere.

Shabbos Kallah, dir./reż. Aleeza Chanowitz (Israel/Izrael) 2018, 15’

During the traditional Jewish celebration of “Shabbos Kallah” preceding a wedding, EIka, an Israeli immigrant in New York, has a lot to say to her friend, who is going to get married soon. Too much to say. Special Jury Mention at Jerusalem FF. Polish premiere.


MASTERS OF EMOTIONS PT. 2 - ticket - 5 zł

Do Paryża/Trip to Paris, reż./dir. Maria Polyakova (Rosja/Russian Federation) 2018, 17’

A teenage prisoner in a penal colony is to be released on parole. He wants to get back to his normal life and family. But is anybody out there who still waits for him? Presented at Moscow IFF. Polish premiere.

Niewypowiedziane/Elephant in the Room, reż./dir. Chanelle Eidenbenz (Szwajcaria/Switzerland/) 2018, 19’

Irna, a single mother, cannot communicate with her son. She seeks consolation in the arms of Elias - a rubber doll. Film presented at Camerimage IFF.

Portret mojej rodziny w 13. roku mojego życia/Portrait of My Family in my 13th Year, reż./dir. Omri Dekel-Kadosh (Izrael/Israel) 2017, 16’

Omri is trying to direct a scene recreating the day his dog died. The attempt at restoration gets complicated when Omri discovers that his father remembers the events differently. Awards of the Israeli Film Academy nominee. Polish premiere.

Do końca świata/Till the End of the World, reż./dir. Florence Bouvy (Netherlands/Holandia) 2018, 27’

Marie is eight years old and lives with her dad on the outskirts. It’s not easy to live with somebody who is consumed by alcohol addiction. Marie fights for her father’s affection, whom she loves more than anything in the world.

Pakt/The Pact, reż./dir. Natalie Medlock (Nowa Zelandia/New Zealand) 2018, 12’

Betty and Frank invite their family for a festive dinner. They announce a weighty decision - they want to be euthanized. Polish premiere.




Mowa ptaków/Bird Talk, reż./dir. Xawery Żuławski (Polska/Poland) 2019, 138’

The story of Marian, a 30-year-old high-school teacher of Polish, who has to start his life anew after he’s been fired from work, and of his friend, Ludwik, a History teacher looking for a way to function in the brutal reality of the profession. Young Jury Award at PFF Gdynia.




ANIMOCJE 2019 REPLICA - entry free

ANIMOCJE IAFF – this event is focused on an ambitious animated cinema, the kind that is searching for its artistic character. The Grand Prix of the Bydgoszcz Best Animated Film Award this year has been fought for by 39 animated shorts from Croatia, Argentina, Japan, Georgia, Israel, Serbia and Singapore . This year's winners were selected by an international jury consisting of Igor Prassel, Kajetan Obarski, Marcell László, Nina Paley, Rafał OER Skiba. The festival has been organized in the Municipal Cultural Center in Bydgoszcz since 2011. Its creator and coordinator is Weronika Płaczek.

As a part of Replica, there will be a presentation of this years’ awarded animated films.



14:00-16:00 AND 18:00-20:00

While looking for the future of cinema, we could not omit VR movies. As a part of the screenings on special goggles, you can explore the selected examples of cinema in a completely different dimension.

The list of available movies with descriptions can be found here


27.11.2019 (WEDNESDAY)




Emigration is one of the leading themes in the international short films current. Sadly, it is often exploited and treated without any reflection. The “Zoom in on Emigration” screening is a selection of the most interesting films about emigration in its various aspects. There is absolutely no propaganda in these productions. The curator’s idea was to create a diverse and nuanced image of emigration in different parts of the world, one that focuses on individuals and their problems and avoids stereotypes, which in turn reminds us of the human aspect of this problem instead of the political one.

Screening curator: Maciej Misztal

Troska/Take Care, reż./dir. Itamar Giladi (USA) 2018, 25’

Gabriel is a 19-year-old valet parking attendant who works at a high-end restaurant in Los Angeles. When he finds out that his uninsured mother needs medical care, he decides to run to extremes in order to prove that he can take care of her. Student Academy Award semi-finalist. Polish premiere.

Podpisałem petycję/I Signed the Petition, reż./dir. Mahdi Fleifel (Wielka Brytania/United Kingdom) 2018, 11’

The director of Palestinian descent signed a petition to call off the Radiohead concert in Israel. Now he calls his friend and shares his doubts. FIlm awarded at IDFA.

Aleja Jaśminów/Jasmine Lane, reż./dir. Stéphane Ly-Cuong (Francja/France) 2018, 21’

In the early 1960's, Loan, a young Vietnamese woman, and her husband Pierre, are relocated due to the resettlement program. Loan believes that the situation is only temporary and that she will shortly return home. Film presented at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF. Polish premiere.

Abu Adnan, reż./dir. Sylvia Le Fanu (Dania/Denmark) 2017, 25’

Sayid, a refugee doctor from Syria, has just received a Danish residence permit, and is about to embark on establishing a new life in rural Denmark together with his son Adnan. They will not only have to learn a new language, but also find their place in a local community. Film presented at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF.

Jeśli to nie jest miłość/If This Isn’t Love, reż./dir. Luiza Cocora (Kanada/Canada) 2018, 15’In a Montreal park, a couple are about to immortalize what should have been one of the happiest memories of their life, their wedding. Film presented at Toronto IFF. Polish premiere.



Bomba zegarowa/Bomb of love, reż./dir. Erica Kwok Chung Yee (Hong Kong) 2018, 15’

Three people living in the same apartment are looking for a way to communicate with each other. European premiere.

Fotyzmy/Phosphenes, reż./dir. Franck Ravel (Belgia/Belgium) 2018, 9’

When Irvin remembers these few days of December with Tess, a distant cousin, memories turns into a hypnotic stroll through the layers of unconscious. Polish premiere.

Nie takie znowu ważne/Of Not Such Great Importance, reż./dir. Benjamin Deboosere (Belgia/Belgium) 2019, 20’

Davide has come to Berlin to escape the depressing situation of his home country, Italy. Sticking posters on the streets, he ends up in a permanent state of impermanence and indecision. Should he move back to his country or stay in Germany? Order a marinara or a capricciosa? World premiere.

Misja Jane Walk/Operation Jane Walk, reż./dir. Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klengel (Austria) 2018, 16’

What would it be like to use an online video game to show the architecture of New York City? The creators of this project decided to verify it. Awarded at Short Waves Festival.

Dream/Life, reż./dir./ David (DAVI.IN) Aufdembrinke (Niemcy/Germany) 2018, 22’

Ridden by thoughts of death and failing his life, a young man tries out what happens if he assumes that everything was possible ... and goes far beyond anything he ever imagined. Polish premiere.



Transfer kosmicznej energii/Cosmic Energy Transfer, reż./dir. Maciej Wiktor (Polska/Poland) 2019, 17’

Radek, an aspiring and ambitious motivational coach, pushes for a promotion. Unfortunately, when he loses his self confidence in a bar fight, he resorts to mind-hacking, which gives an unexpected results…

Ostatni dzień/Last Day, reż./dir. Klaudija Matvejevaitė (Litwa/Lithuania) 2017, 23’

How would you feel if you knew your exact date of death? A time comes when every person in the world can find it out. Polish premiere.

Silver Appetite, reż./dir. Kuan Yuan Lai (Tajwan/Taiwan) 2018, 25’

Due to a mystery disaster the Earth was almost entirely destroyed. The whole globe is covered by shiny marbles. Remaining survivors desperately search for food. Will the two women manage to save themselves and their planet? International premiere.

Aktualizacja/The Update, reż./dir. Mor Hanay (Izrael/Israel) 2018, 24’

Adam has the perfect girlfriend, Alex, which was custom-made for him. While Alex goes through the annual update, Adam finds himself spending the time with Yuli, a human being like him who makes him question everything he thought was perfect. Polish premiere.




Sieć/The Net, reż./dir. Alexandra Strelyanaya (Rosja/Russian Federation) 2017, 77’

A young man arrives at the fishing village on the shores of the White Sea. He is looking for a girl who ran away from the city without saying goodbye. One of the old local men offers to become his guide. The seemingly short and easy journey, will take a different turn due to the old man's plans. Presented at Warsaw Film Festival and Moscow IFF.




Głód/Hunger, reż./dir. Henning Carlsen (Norwegia, Dania, Szwecja/Norway, Denmark, Sweden) 1966, 112’

In 1890, the young stone broke poet Pontus, wanders around Oslo. Since he has got no money to pay the rent, the owner of the B&B he lives in, throws him out. Tormented by hunger, he gradually loses his ability to distinguish between imagination and reality. Awarded The Golden Palm at the IFF in Cannes.


14:00-16:00 and 18:00-20:00


While looking for the future of cinema, we could not omit VR movies. As a part of the screenings on special goggles, you can explore the selected examples of cinema in a completely different dimension.

The list of available movies with descriptions can be found here


28.11.2019 (THURSDAY)




Stepping across the threshold of adulthood is something that happens when a young person has to face their first serious problem. This screening presents various obstacles they encounter. And who’s better to illuminate the subject than young film-makers themselves?

Screening curator: Marcin Kwaśniewski

Gdy Saturn powraca/When Saturn Returns, reż./dir. Mihai Bruma (Mołdawia/Moldova) 2018, 18’

The shopkeeper Radu prepares for the evening concert. He notices a woman whom he has not seen for 16 years - his first love. Polish premiere.

Na granicy/On the Border, reż./dir. Wei Shujun (Chiny/China) 2018, 15’

In a border village, a Chinese teenager of Korean origins seeks for his father to talk to him about his plans for the future. Special Jury Mention at Cannes FF.

Zmierzając do domu/Homeward Bound, reż./dir. Tamar Goren (Izrael/Israel) 2018, 22’

The 17-year-old Noga tries to deal with her parents' divorce. But it is not easy in a small apartment in Tel Aviv on the hot August days. Film presented at Jerusalem FF. Polish premiere.

While/Podczas, reż./dir. Jakob Mørk (Dania/Denmark) 2019, 18’

Sofie leads a boring life. She drops out of the university and drowns in sorrow. Will she find her way? Polish premiere.

Do domu/Homeward, reż./dir. Itai Kirshner (Izrael/Israel) 2019, 23’

Ben, a young soldier, discovers he is going to be a father. After a fight with his girlfriend, she kicks him out of her car. Ben finds himself in the middle of nowhere and tries to go home. Polish premiere.


MASTERS OF THEME PT. 2 - ticket - 5 zł

1410, reż./dir. Damian Kocur (Polska/Poland) 2018, 28’

The year 1410. The knight and his squire set off to the field of one of the greatest battles of medieval Europe. The journey becomes an opportunity to talk about the most important subjects. Film awarded at Krakow Film Festival.

Piękny nieudacznik/Beautiful Loser, reż./dir. Maxime Roy (Francja/France) 2018, 25’

Michel was a punk and a drug addict. Now, he lives in his cellar flat and spends most of his days with his teenage son in his garage. Will he be able to take care of a newborn child? Film presented at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF. Polish premiere.

Razem/Together, reż./dir. David Benedek (Słowacja/Slovakia) 2018, 20’

Michal, Simon and Robo are living together in Bratislava. Although they appear to have nothing in common, they start to realize that they are closer to each other than they thought. Polish premiere.

San Miguel, reż./dir. Cris Gris (Meksyk/Mexico) 2018, 19’

In order to heal her grieving mother, Ana, a devout 9-year-old girl, pushes her faith to its limit in hopes of divine intervention. Film presented at Atlanta FF.

Zdrajca Nibylandii/A Clown's Tale, reż./dir. Alexander Frank (Niemcy/Germany) 2018, 22’

Two clowns bring moments of joy and happiness to the terminally ill inhabitants of a hospice for children. But when they encounter Lena, a young girl that refuses to step into their world, the two put on the show of their lifetime to fulfil Lena’s last wish. Polish premiere.


ANIMATED WORLD PT. 2 - entry free

Wspomnienia Alby/Alba's Memories, reż./dir. Andrea Martignoni, Maria Steinmetz (Niemcy/Germany) 2019, 6’

Alba's memories take us to Italy in the 1950s and the world of her intimate emotions. Film presented at Annecy IAFF and Krakow Film Festival.

Łowy/The Hunt, reż./dir. Mateusz Jarmulski (Polska/Poland) 2018, 9’

A boy, armed with a bow, hunts for sounds instead of big animals - he always has a tape recorder and a clean cassette to catch more sounds for his collection. This time he hunts for unique specimen - furious barking of a neighbor's dog. Film presented at IAFF Animator.

Miłość/Deep love, reż./dir. Mykyta Lyskov (Ukraina/Ukraine) 2018, 14’

The title is an ironic summary of the author's critical view of the Ukrainian absurd reality. Film presented at Annecy IAFF and Animafest Zagreb.

Jeleniopsy/Deerdogs, reż./dir. Nikoletta Veress (Węgry/Hungary) 2018, 4’

The deerdogs live in a world that has its mirror reflection. The film is about balance and reincarnation. Polish premiere.

Koszmar/Nightmare, reż./dir. Ana Maria Angel (Niemcy/Germany) 2018, 7’

The beetle has nightmares that interlace with the bizarre world of insects. Film presented at KLIK! AAF.

Ukochany syn/Dear Son, reż./dir. Aagje Van Damme (Belgia/Belgium) 2018, 7’

Mother and son work as mole hunters. A series of unfortunate events leads to the death of the mother, which in turn forces her son to make his first autonomous decisions. Film presented at the Cannes IFF and Warsaw Film Festival.

Przepływ/Passage, reż./dir. Anja Sidler (Szwajcaria/Switzerland) 2019, 7’

A woman and a man leave their environment for a moment and their paths cross unexpectedly.

Motyl i mysz/Butterfly & Mouse, reż./dir. Mira Yankova (Bułgaria/Bulgaria) 2019, 14’

Some hide lions in their chests, other ones – rabbits, yet others – mice. There are also those who wouldn’t dare face their inner spirit animal. Polish premiere.




Letnie popołudnie/One Summer Afternoon, reż./dir. Youssef Ouarrak (Polska/Poland) 2019, 78’

Laura is 25 today. On this occasion, she puts out the candles on the cake among the loved ones in the cemetery, at the grave of her father. It's such a small, unusual tradition. As well as the family dinner with her mother, Zuzanna, in which she participates rather reluctantly. Relationships between women have been tense since Laura moved out to her girlfriend Aniela. When during the dinner they start to quarrel once again, Laura decides to return to her girlfriend as soon as possible and celebrate her birthday together. She has no clue that this one summer afternoon will change her whole life… The first Polish film made in one shot.

A meeting with the director will be held after the screening.



Punk wiecznie żywy!/Punk Never Ends!, reż./dir. Juro Šlauka (Słowacja/Slovakia) 2019, 75’

A film inspired by the closely observed life of punks who spend their lives on the periphery of the city. A thirty-year-old drug addict lives in a decaying sublet at a dump with his partner and his two-year-old son. His “idyllic” world is suddenly threatened by a letter from the social services. In fear of losing the child, the punk pulls himself together and seeks a satisfactory resolution to the situation. His impulsive behaviour, however, does not take account of the consequences, and all the opportunities result in a free fall. Polish premiere. FOR ADULT VIEWERS ONLY.



The participants of the international Lublin Media Workshops will present the effects of their work and describe their experiences.




Komeda, Komeda, reż./dir. Natasza Ziółkowska-Kurczuk (Polska/Poland) 2012, 71’

The film introduces the figure of one of the greatest Polish jazz musicians by combining him with the image of the city where the artist came from and which shaped his sensitivity and musical imagination. The composer is mentioned, among others, by Roman Polański, Andrzej Wajda, Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski, Wojciech Karolak, Rosław Szaybo and Michał Urbaniak. The film is enriched by Piotr Dumała's animations, as well as contemporary interpretations of Komeda's songs performed by Leszek Możdżer. Awarded The Polish Film Award: Eagle.

A meeting with the director, Natasza Ziółkowska-Kurczuk, will be held after the screening.


12:00-14:00 and 16:00-18:00


While looking for the future of cinema, we could not omit VR movies. As a part of the screenings on special goggles, you can explore the selected examples of cinema in a completely different dimension.

The list of available movies with descriptions can be found here


29.11.2019 (FRIDAY)



WARNING: YOUTH! - entry free

Nie zmieniaj tematu/Don’t Change the Subject, reż./dir. Hubert Patynowski (Polska/Poland) 2019, 31’

There are three rules on the hood. First: don't cheat on your homies. Second: don't be a wimp and always fight back. Third: don't snitch to pigs. The winner of the short film competition at the PFF Gdynia.

Aurore, reż./dir. Mael Le Mée (Francja/France) 2017, 18’

Aurore, a 16-year-old girl, discovers her unique skill... Film presented at Clemont-Ferrand ISFF. FOR ADULT VIEWERS ONLY

Widowisko/The Spectacle, reż./dir. Ivo Neefjes (Belgia/Belgium) 2018, 15’

Two teenage girls throw a party, at which they torture a vulnerable woman. They share pictures and videos on social media throughout the night. Based on true events. Polish premiere. FOR ADULT VIEWERS ONLY.

Ad Revidendum, reż./dir. Matúš Ryšan (Słowacja/Slovakia) 2018, 12’

Classmates bully Janka on the last day of the school year. In retaliation, she attacks one of them. As a result, a terrified girl barricades herself in a classroom and looks for a way out of this hopeless situation. Polish premiere.



Krzyżoki/Horse Riders, reż./dir. Anna Gawlita (Polska/Poland) 2018, 19’

Thirty farmers begin a tour around the boundaries of nearby villages and fields. It is a traditional component of Easter celebrations, which include prayers, a horse ride around the households nearby and fervent singing under the influence of alcohol. A marriage of the sacred and the profane. Film awarded at the Camerimage IFF and Jihlava IDFF.

Moja kuzynka Tami/My Cousin Tami, reż./dir. Tomer Asayag (Izrael/Israel) 2017, 25’

A story of a young girl, struggling with the turmoil of drug addiction, documented by her cousin, who tries to help her. Film presented at Jerusalem FF.

Więzień społeczeństwa/Prisoner of Society, reż./dir. Rati Tsiteladze (Gruzja/Georgia) 2018, 16’

Adelina has been locked away from the outside world for the past decade. Now she confronts her parents. EFA nominee. FOR ADULT VIEWERS ONLY.

Nyktofobia/Nyctophobia, reż./dir. Jean-François Boisvenue (Kanada/Canada) 2018, 9’

Jean-François Boisvenue tells us an intimate story about his childhood fears and mental illness. Polish premiere.

Mieszkańcy bezdroży/People of the Wasteland, reż./dir. Heba Khaled (Syria/Syrian Arab Republic) 2018, 21’

A documentary about clashes of Syrian fighters recorded with a camera attached to their helmets. Presented at Krakow Film Festival. WARNING: THIS MOVIE CONTAINS VIOLENCE. FOR ADULT VIEWERS ONLY.

Odprawa/The Briefing, reż./dir. Filip Drzewiecki (Polska/Poland) 2018, 19’

A group of students must care for their first patients during a Medical Intern summer camp. The young adepts will have a short time to grow into fully fledged doctors and achieve their vocation. Awarded at KFDF “Młodzi i film” in Koszalin.



Na południe/Goin South, reż./dir. Mohammed Alhamoud (Arabia Saudyjska/Saudi Arabia) 2019, 14’

A newlywed couple pays their first visit to the groom's hometown, a small southern Saudi village, where they will celebrate their marriage. The bride seeks approval of her new in-laws and their new relationship is put to its first test. Polish premiere.

Al Imam, reż./dir. Omar Al Dakheel (USA) 2017, 19’

Ani Zonneveld firmly believes that a woman can be a Muslim spiritual leader, and that Koran is a progressive text. However, is that the reality?

Ruth, reż./dir. Jonathan Choo (Wielka Brytania/United Kingdom) 2019, 19’

Whilst her husband slips further into his latest obsession, Ruth channels all her energy into the family business - a successful B&B on the beach. When birthday plans with their son begin to derail, Ruth must finally confront her own unhappiness. Polish premiere.

Nie masz dystansu/You are overreacting, reż./dir. Karina Paciorkowska (Polska/Poland) 2018, 4’

A film about women, inspired by everyday life and statements of public figures in the media. Special Mention at DOK Leipzig and IAFF Animator.

Dowód/Proof, reż./dir. Nishtha Jain, Deepti Gupta (USA) 2019, 21’

Amandeep is a gynecologist in a government hospital. When a rape victim is brought to the hospital ward, doctor collides with the harsh reality of Hindu health service. Polish premiere.

Dzień matki/Mother's Day, reż./dir. Dorka Vermes (Węgry/Hungary) 2018, 15’

Juli and Réka have decided to take their relationship to the next level. They are waiting for Juli’s mother for dinner, so they can tell her the news. This is not going to be an easy conversation… Polish premiere.




7 miliardów lat przed końcem świata/7 Billion Years Before the End of the World, reż./dir. Jānis Ābele (Łotwa, Francja/Latvia, France) 2018, 80’

Two twenty-somethings from Latvia meet in the south of France. Leo studies restoration. Anna is a hairdresser and she looks very much like the image of a girl that Leo has uncovered restoring an altar painting… Audience Award at Riga IFF. International premiere.

A meeting with the director Jānis Ābele and the producer Inga Jerzjukova will be held after the screening.


12:00-14:00 and 16:00-18:00


While looking for the future of cinema, we could not omit VR movies. As a part of the screenings on special goggles, you can explore the selected examples of cinema in a completely different dimension.

The list of available movies with descriptions can be found here





On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the Union of Lublin, the organizers of different film festivals will come to Lublin to talk about the possibilities of cooperation between their events, both already developed and potential ones. The panel will be attended by representatives of IAFF Animocje, Fonomo FMF, Go Short ISFF, LFF, FF Opolskie Lamy, Short Waves Festival, SFF Spektrum and Unia Film Festival.

Free entrance. Event translated to English




Meetings of representatives of the film industry in the Speed Matching formula. It will be an opportunity to consult your projects with the selectors of international competitions, learn about the characteristics of individual events and establish contacts with other filmmakers.

30.11.2019 (SATURDAY)



ATYPICAL PAIRS - entry free

Trzecie drzwi na lewo/Third Door to the Left, reż./dir. Nikita Grushin, Nina Volova (Rosja/Russian Federation) 2019, 12’

She’s young and hard-working. He has already lost his enthusiasm. They both work in a nursing home. One day she discovers his secret. Polish premiere.

Wakacje/It's summer, reż./dir. Filip Bojarski (Polska/Poland) 2018, 16’

The end of the school year.. The 40-year-old teacher, Ewa, takes her disappointed husband on a spontaneous bike trip to the nearby river. The surprise awaits her... Film presented at Krakow Film Festival.

Nieskończoność, która trwa/Infinite While It Lasts, reż./dir. Akira Kamiki (Brazylia/Brasil) 2019, 19’

Danny and Seiji meet at a party. They fall in love instantly. Will some differences get in the way of their happiness? Polish premiere.

Spotkanie na orbicie Księżyca/Lunar-Orbit Rendezvous, reż./dir. Mélanie Charbonneau (Kanada/Canada) 2018, 15’

A woman-tampon joins a man-astronaut on a road trip to the moon. Film presented at Locarno IFF.

Ato San Nen, reż./dir. Pedro Collantes (Hiszpania/Spain) 2017, 26’

Marisa receives an unexpected visit from Hiroshi, a Japanese friend of her son. The boy is not home, but his mother decides to take in the tourist, despite the fact that she does not know Japanese, and he does not know Spanish. Film awarded at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF. Polish premiere.



This year, the Golden Anteater statuettes will be given out to the best films of Lublin Film Festival for the 13th time. During that slightly mad award-giving event you will learn whose works won the the title of the best films at LFF and which production got the Audience Award. Get ready for gales of laughter as well as some emotional moments and many surprises. Event in Polish and English.




Walka: Życie i zaginiona twórczość Stanisława Szukalskiego/Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski, reż./dir. Irek Dobrowolski (Polska, USA/Poland, USA) 2018, 105’

The story of Stanisław Szukalski - an eccentric Polish sculptor and self-appointed genius. He may have become a legend, but he was prevented from it by World War II, and his works were not discovered until the end of his life. He is a truly outstanding artist, so why do we know so little about him?

The Festival’s past editions programmes are available here.