1. LUBLIN FILM FESTIVAL, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Festival’, organised by Kinoteatr Projekt operating at the Centre for Culture in Lublin, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Organiser’, will take place on 3rd-10th November 2018.

2. Centre for Culture in Lublin based in Lublin, 12th Peowiaków St. is the Festival’s Producer.

3. The Festival is intended for filmmakers from all over the world. The aim of the Festival is to promote a film repertoire which is original, daring, appealing to viewers, and at the same time novel in its approach to form and content. The Festival is also engaged in a large-scale educational activity, aimed not only at developing the filmmakers' competencies, but also at encouraging aspiring filmmakers to improve their skills.


4. The films screened at the Festival are admitted and qualified by the Selection Committee appointed by the Organisers, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Committee’. The Committee assigns the films to the specific contests.

5. The Committee has the right to choose films not qualified to the contests to be shown during the non-competition screenings.


6. The following films can be entered into the competitions:

a) short films made in any technique available whose duration does not exceed 30 minutes (incl. end credits) made after 1st January 2016.

b) full-length fictional films whose duration is minimum 60 minutes long (incl. end credits) made after 1st January 2016.

7. No more than 2 films by the same author may be submitted to the selection.

8. The following films will NOT take part in the selection:

a) animations and documentaries whose duration time is over 30 minutes long (incl. end credits),

b) films submitted to previous editions of the Festival,

c) films produced before 1st January 2016,

d) films submitted after the end date of the call for entries specified in point 14 of these terms and regulations.


9. The applicant submitting a film must hold all copyrights to it or should be authorised by the copyright owner to submit the film to the Festival’s selection.

10. The films can be submitted through FilmFreeway (http://filmfreeway.com/festival/LublinFF) together with the required attachments or via the on-line application form available at www.lff.lublin.pl.

11. The applicant is required to provide in the application form a download link for additional materials including the following:

a) dialogue list in English with time codes in .srt format.

It is acceptable to submit Polish-language films with subtitles embedded in the video as part of the picture (so-called hardsubs);

b) at least 2 film stills in .jpg format (300dpi);

c) a photo of the director(s) in .jpg format (300dpi);

A film poster in .jpg or .pdf format is not obligatory, but if the applicant sends it to the Organisers, the poster may be exhibited at the Centre for Culture in Lublin during the Festival.

In the case of entering a film or films via FilmFreeway, it is acceptable to send the download link for additional materials via e-mail to: festival@lff.lublin.pl. The e-mail’s subject must include the film’s title and the director’s name.

11. The applicant must send any missing information to the Organiser in 7 days from being notified about the application being incomplete. If the missing information is not sent in the aforementioned term, the Organiser can not qualify the film to the Selection.

12. Films can be submitted free of charge from 19th February 2018 to 25th March 2018. After 25th March 2018 application via the on-line application form will no longer be available.

13. From 26th March 2018 all entries via FilmFreeway will be charged:

a) from 26th March 2018 to 15th April 2018 – 2 USD for each film (payable via FilmFreeway);

b) from 16th April 2018 to 13th May 2018 – 15 USD for each film (payable via FilmFreeway).

14. Films submitted after 13th May 2018 will not take part in this year’s selection.

15. A copy of the film must be uploaded to a streaming server and available to watch at least until the applicant has been informed of the selection results. Films on DVD, Blu-ray, or any other kind of physical media will not be accepted for the selection process.


16. During the Festival the following short film contests take place:

a) Masters of Genre: Films which qualify for the competition are both genre films showing a high level of production techniques and productions deconstructing the genre or adopting an original approach in this aspect.

b) Masters of Emotion: Films which qualify for the competition are productions about emotions, addressing difficult issues and evoking strong feelings among the audience.

c) Masters of Theme: Films which qualify for the competition take on current and important social themes.

d) Masters of Observation: Well-made and formally interesting documentaries qualify for the competition.

e) Masters of Animation: Films qualifying for the competition are formally interesting animations which raise important issues or tell original stories.

f) Little Anteaters: Films qualifying for the competition are productions intended for children, avoiding infantility and presenting a high artistic level.

g) Masters of Offbeat Films: Productions which qualify for the competition are film experiments and films whose creators look for new forms of artistic expression in order to convey interesting content.

The following feature film competition is held at the Festival:

h) Masters of Feature Films

Films qualifying for the competition are original full-length feature films produced at a high artistic and technical level.

17. The Organisers reserve the right to change the names of the contests, to create contests additional to the ones listed in section 16, and to decide not to hold specific contests (from among the ones listed in section 16).

18. The list of the films qualified for the contests will be made available on the Festival’s website www.lff.lublin.pl after the completion of the Selection Committee’s deliberations. The applicants will be notified by the Organisers about the Selection results.

19. The applicant will not withdrew the film from the contest after the announcement of the Selection results.

20. Successful applicants will have 14 days after receiving notification of the selection results to deliver the following materials to the Organisers:

a) the screening copy of the film in .mov or .mp4 format with H.264 codec used, in a resolution of 1080p (no interlacing) or higher and with hardcoded English subtitles,

b) timecoded English subtitles in an .srt format synchronised with the screening copy (for non-Polish films only),

c) a list of the festivals at which the film was screened and awards it received, if any,

d) information whether the film will have its Polish, European or world premiere at the Festival.

21. Full-length films screening copies can be delivered in DCP or Blu-Ray formats.

22. A download link to the screening copy together with the aforementioned materials can be send via e‑mail at festival@lff.lublin.pl or a USB flash drive containing the screening copy together with the aforementioned materials can be sent to the following address:

Kinoteatr Projekt

Centrum Kultury w Lublinie

ul. Peowiaków 12

20-007 Lublin


with a note „LFF”.

23. Failing to deliver the materials listed in section 20 may result in film’s disqualification from the Festival.

24. The Organiser does not cover the postal/courier costs of sending the screening copy.

25. The aforementioned storage media become the property of the Organiser and will not be returned.

26. The Organiser does not charge for showing the film at competition or non-competition screenings.

27. The Organiser does not pay a license fee. The applicant grants the Organiser a free, non-exclusive, unlimited territorially license to show the film at public screenings during the Festival and its replicas.

28. The Organiser will provide at least two free overnight stays for the film author during the Festival. At the request of the author the Organiser can provide additional overnight stays for max. one additional film crew member. The requests for additional overnight stay will be granted on a first come first served basis. The number of granted overnight stays will depend on the availability of accommodation.

29. The Organiser does not cover or refund the Festival’s participants travel expences.

30. The Festival’s participants can take part in all of the Festival events free of charge.

31. Applicants under 18 must supply the Organiser with their parents’ or guardians’ consent to enter the Festival. Additionally, they must appoint a guardian (over 18 years old) to accompany them at the Festival.


32. Films qualified for the contests are judged by a Jury appointed by the Organiser from among the distinguished representatives of the film world.

33. The Jury’s deliberations are closed to the public. The Jury’s decisions are final and non-appealable.

34. In each short film contest one film will be awarded. The winner of each of the aforementioned contests will receive a Golden Anteater statuette. The Jury may also award honourable mention(s). The Honourable Mention laureates receive a certificate of distinction, not a statuette.

35. The director of the film awarded with the Grand Prix of the Masters of Feature Films competition, apart from the statuette and the certificate, will also receive a financial award.

36. The Jury will choose one film from the films taking part in all short film contests to be awarded the Short Film Contests Grand Prix. The director of the awarded film, apart from the statuette and the certificate, will also receive a financial award.

37. The Organiser will announce the amount of the financial awards together with the Festival’s programme.

38. Additionally, a special Audience Golden Anteater will be awarded after a vote (common award for all the contests).

39. The Organiser will also choose a film to be awarded the Krzysztof Szot Award.

40. The prerequisite for receiving the Golden Anteater statuette is presence at the Gala. Otherwise, only the certificate will be sent to the laureate. The statuette can be collected personally or by an appointed person at the Organiser’s office within three months from the end of the Festival, after arranging the date of collection with the Organiser.

41. The authors of awarded films not able to participate in the Gala must send a short (max. 30 seconds) video of appreciation for the award to festival@lff.lublin.pl immediately after receiving information about winning.

42.. The Organiser reserves the right to add or change the category of the awards.


43. The applicant grants the Organiser the following licenses:

a) free, non-exclusive, unlimited territorially and time-wise license to show the film at public screenings during the Festival and its replicas;

b) free, non-exclusive, unlimited territorially and time-wise license to use the promotional materials supplied (the film’s description, stills, authors’ bios etc.) in the Festival’s publications (print, website, social media, press info, etc.) and in the Festival’s media coverage;

c) free, non-exclusive, unlimited territorially and time-wise license to use fragments of film chosen by the Organiser (the trailer or a film’s fragment up to 10% of its whole duration) in all the Festival’s promotional activities (print, website, social media, press info, the Internet, media: radio, television, cinema etc.);

d) free, non-exclusive, unlimited territorially and time-wise license to translate the dialogue list to Polish and screen the film with Polish subtitles (applicable to non-Polish films).

44. The Organiser reserves the right to use the promotional materials supplied before, during and after the Festival. The applicant declares that he owns all the rights to the aforementioned materials. In case of any claims made towards the Organiser by any persons regarding the use of the aforementioned materials, the Applicant is bound to release the Organisers from any liability in the matter.

45. By entering the LFF Contests, the author consents to have his/her personal data processed for the contests purposes (in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection, Journal of Laws, No. 133, Item 833).

46. By entering the LFF Contests, the applicant agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

47. The Organiser will not be held liable for any third parties’ rights infringement in connection with the use of the received materials, unless the infringement is the Organiser’s fault.

48. All matters not discussed in these Terms and Conditions will be decided by the Organiser.

49. The Polish version of these Terms and Conditions is the binding version.

50. In the event of any disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions, the applicable law is the Polish law, and cases will be heard by common courts in Lublin.

51. The Organiser reserves the right to change these Terms and Regulations.