Lublin Film Festival is a successor and an expansion of the IFF Golden Anteaters. The Festival was created out of its organisers’ passion and undying enthusiasm. That enthusiasm has always been present at the Festival- ever since its first edition in 2007, when it was a local event dedicated for Lublin amateur filmmakers, to this day, when as LFF it became Lublin’s biggest and one of the most important international events in the region that brings together filmmakers and fans of moving pictures from all around the world. The Festival’s idea is the promotion of auteur film evading the mainstream, both short and feature length, as well as creating a space to evolve and meet people from the industry for young authors. It is also important for us that we support the development of the local community’s film culture. The LFF pays a great deal of attention towards the high quality of its film programme while being open to new film trends and creative personas. Every filmmaker creating independent auteur cinema can take part in the Festival – there are no age, geographic, professional or thematic limits.

2017 brought another, traditionally radical, changes: beside the change in the name, which ushers us into a new era of the Festival, we are adding new events to our programme, among others the Lublin Filmmakers Networking Meetings. We believe that thanks to this addition LFF will become a more universal, interesting, bigger and more important Festival both for the authors and the audience.