VR Cinema

While looking for the future of cinema, we could not omit VR movies. As a part of the screenings on special goggles, you can explore the selected examples of cinema in a completely different dimension.

Registration is open from November 20 until the limit of places is reached. Sign up for the show here.

Gymnasia, reż./dir. Chris Lavis, Maciej Szczerbowski (Kanada) 2019, 6’

Step into the stillness of an abandoned school and enter Gymnasia, a place where the ghostly ephemera of a lost childhood await you. The project reflects a humble nod to Polish theatre director Tadeusz Kantor’s seminal work, The Dead Class (1975), which explored the power of abandoned objects and spaces, and the impossibility of returning to one’s past.

CGI art experience masterfully blends the timeless artistry of puppetry, the tactility of stop-motion animation and the endless possibilities of VR and CGI – all flawlessly filmed in 3D 360-degree video. The result is a startling, life-like immersive environment that envelops the viewer in a surreal waking dream.

Paris Terror, reż./dir. Ricarda Saleh (Niemcy) 2018, 10’
On 7 January 2015, two terrorists attacked the magazine Charlie Hebdo. Shortly afterwards, a third terrorist attacked the kosher supermarket Hyper Cacher, killing four Jews and taking numerous hostages. A few of them managed to hide in a cold room in the basement, taking a baby with them.
This virtual documentary uses sketch-style animation to bring to life the recollections of three hostages. The 360-degree story “PARIS TERROR” is part two of the WDR project on terrorism in Germany and Europe.

Szepty/Whispers, reż./dir. Jacek Nagłowski, Patryk Jordanowicz (Polska) 2019, 21’
On the Polish-Belarusian borderland, where the East meets the West, the nature is wild and mysterious. Life and death do not mean the persistence and disappearance of some biological processes here, but they have an irrational, impenetrable, non-verbal power structuring the entire reality. This is where the whisperers live. They heal using the traditions of the East: the power of word, gesture and image.
„Whispers” is a VR non-narrative documentary that aims to provide the experience of the reality that lays beyond the rational constructs we use in our everyday life, where „the owls are not what they seem to be”.

Równowaga/Balance, reż./dir. Wojciech Olchowski (Polska) 2019, 8’

Search and inspiration for the balance of man, culture and nature in penetrated areas of beautiful towns, the sea and the mountains of Italian Riviera, enriched with improvised dance. Starring Lora Khaha and Gerhard Marks.

Kartka z Powstania/A Note from the Uprising, reż./dir. Tomasz Dobosz, Mariusza Laszuk (Polska) 2018, 16’
Awarded for its groundbreaking form at the last year’s edition of Lublin Film Festival. The first fictionalized historical spectacle realized in VR cinematic technology in Poland. It tells the story of one of the Warsaw insurgents - capt. Władysław “Sabała” Sieroszewski, who while leaving for The Uprising in 1944, received a note with a prayer from his daughter. And at the time, he did not know how this note will affect his fate.
The film was co-produced by the National Centre for Culture and VR Heroes.